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Be a Good Neighbor


We all want to have good neighbors around us. And we want to be good neighbors ourselves. But what does being a good neighbor actually mean?


Here are some words of neighborly advice that have been compiled over the years in our meetings, from Nextdoor posts, from friendly conversations etc. By no means an exhaustive list, feel free to offer up important elements we've left out!

Pleasant Walk-ability

  • Keep sidewalks passable and clear of tree roots, branches, ivy and other obstructions.

  • Park off street when possible.

  • Don't litter (dog or other).

Safe Driving

  • Drive slowly around islands, and keep speed down along streets.

  • Understand island traffic flow. Drive as if each intersection in a circle is a yellow caution light.
    Yield to cars already in or entering the circle when you arrive.  

  • Pay attention to street sign arrows showing proper traffic patterns.

  • Don’t assume that other drivers know the rules.

Consider Others' Peace, Quiet and Privacy

  • Control dogs from barking and late night noise.

  • Minimize noise before 8 am and later than 6 pm.

  • Minimize use of leaf blowers.

Enjoy our Beautiful Trees and Islands

  • Keep street trees healthy, well-pruned, and clear of litter and weeds.

  • Use ground covers or permeable material on sidewalks and walkways.

  • Make your beautiful landscaping sustainable and appropriate for arid climate (we are in Zone XII).

Charming History and Architecture

Community Engagement

  • Get to know your neighbors!

  • Join and participate in San Mateo Park's website for timely information and communication.
    Use Code: FCPYDB.

  • Watch out for each other's safety and property.

Park School

  • Respect school property.

  • Respect the No Dogs rule for Park School grounds.

Don't throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass.

Benjamin Franklin

If your neighbors think you're a detective because a cop always brings you home, you might be a redneck.

Jeff Foxworthy

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