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Park Conservator (a new level of support for our neighborhood)
With the aim of expanding efforts to preserve our glorious island trees, the Park’s Neighborhood Association has received a $5,000 gift to start a dedicated Tree Fund.  On top of this initial gift, we also have a $10,000, dollar-for-dollar matching gift on offer from two SMP neighbors if Park residents help build this Tree Fund. These new Park Conservators will soon be listed on this page alongside their donation amount. You can now donate at 3 Park Conservator levels via PayPal, or donate any other amount over $1,000 by mailing us a check. See donation page here.
More info here.

Thank you for your support!

We are collecting 2019 dues now.

The families and individuals below generously contributed this year (updated 12-08-19).

List of 2018 donors appears here.

McLaren Park Patrons

$200 Donation Level

Melinda Adams

Vince Anicetti

Robert Baumann

Mufaddal Bootwala

Kimberly Bottoms

Jennifer Buckley

Janet Chapman

Michael & Carol Cohen

Alexis & David Colker

John & Brideen Connolly

Ruthmary & John Cradler

Kurt and Julie de Grosz

Kirk DeClark

Angela Deng & Ye Li

Marc & Susan Desautels

Andrea Dover

Jeffie W. Feakins

Cecilia Frew

Margaret Galletti

Linda M Gemello

Robert Gilmartin

Mark & Martha Greenough

Jeff Heimbuck

Gerald Hill

Bruce & Patricia Hraba

James Isaacs

Allison Keenan

Sue & Bill Kenney

Bradley Klingenberg

Don & Flo Kristofferson

Alice Kubler

Joe & Donna Lanam

Joseph Lanam

Patricia Mayer

Peter & Virginia McIsaac

Stuart & Meg McLaoughlin

Vicki McWilliams & Mike McCook

Amalia Mendez

Aubrey Obata

Elizabeth Moore & Roger Owner

Andrea O'Riordan

Kim Palmer Designs

Saswati Paul

Pizzi Family 

Scott Poms

David Pritchard 

James D Reimann

N. D'Arcy Roche & Stephanie Twomey Roche

Dan Scheinman

John Schulz

Doug & Judy Sobolik

Cathy and Sean Stannard-Stockton

Kimball Statler

Bob Whitehill

Laura Winfrey & Doug Grigsby

Patricia Zablock-Macy

Todd & Linda Zucker

McLaren Members

$100 Donation Level

Mary & Horst Adam

Inger Agorio

Thomas Ames

Modell Marlow Andersen

Don & Louise Arata

Colleen Berube

Andre Bessette

Judy & Roland Bianchi

Virginia Blahut

Ron & Elaina Bland

Patricia Blee

Robert Boesch

Megan & Mike Bohnert

Alden & Marianne Briscoe

Carol Murphy & Bruce Blumberg

Tish and Jim Busselle

Paul & Anne Carella

Juliet Dankmeyer

Wayne & Roxana Del Carlo

Barbara Engler

Robert and Susan Fernandez

Sam & Mary Folsom

Shelly Frisbie

Gap matching gift

Margaret Handlery

Debbie Harrison

Dominique Irvine

Donald Jaffe

Rick & Judy Kell

Bruce I  Kirschner

Marion Kullberg

Lester Liu

Mark Lowpensky

Sharon Marson

Eileen McKague

Mary Ann & Neil Waldo

Liz & Tom O'Connor

Jim and Linda O'keefe

Frans Op den Kamp

Joan Haller Parmer

Barbara, Jonathan & Patricia Huddleson

The Perks Family

Christine & Frank Regan

Cindy R. Reinertson

Pamela Royer

Matthew Schroth

Ida Sim

Whitney M. Simonds

Cynthia Smith 

Jack & Cathy Stanghellini

Ron & Faye Starr

Tom & Joanne Stodgel

Timothy Stretch

Roger Testa

Chad Thomas

Tiner Financial Services

Shannon & Paul Varunok

Genie & Paul Watermulder

LeeAnn Weeks

Howard & Margaret Weiland

Andrea Willett

Megan Winters

Stephen & Eleanor Yuen

Park Supporters

$50 Donation Level

Tom Ames

Nancy Baleix

David & Mary Balestrieri

Betty Bernstein

Carlene & Allen Brasel

Tom & Brenda Carlson

Timothy and Karen Catlin

Anna Marie Cronin

Lois Crotty

Olga Dargham

Audry D'Elia

Jacqueline Devgan

Shannon Durnin

Diane Elcan

Madalyn Fitzpatrick

Robert Fucilla & Patricia Georges

Kirsten Garen

Darren Gold

Steven Green

Tom Heaton

Lucy Heller

Ken & Patty Howarth

Luis & Kathi Inglesias

Michael James

Jacqueline James

Joanne Jordon

Tom & Tammy Kiely

Roger & Sally Krakow

Siuling Ku

John D. Long

Melissa Matross 

Al & Miek McCubbin

Carolyn & Allan McCune

Jean McLaughlin

Greg Melvin

Bob & Cindy Mendoza

Ann & John Murray 

Pat Pepper

Karin Rehder

Diana Rilliet

Ruth Larsen Scammon

Constance Sevier

Stephanie Smeriglio

Lisa & Rob Stanton

Brendan's Store

Michael Strambi

Katie Tolve

David Villongco

Bob & Lili Walker

Thomas J Weissmiller

Laurence Whitehead

Harry Yen

Hanna Zanoni

Donor List Notes:

  • These lists include those who contributed during calendar year 2019. Our apologies if we’ve made any errors or omissions.

  • Not all of the above names have been scrubbed to ensure the appropriate name is used for acknowledgements. Especially in the case of paypal donations (which we like), we do not always receive complete information at time of donation.

  • You will be receiving your donation receipt by the end of 2019 at which time we will verify the appropriate acknowledgement names.

  • Recognition level may be adjusted if multiple payments affect the donation level.

  • Questions? Catch a mistake? Want to learn more about the Tree Fund and Conservator donor level? Please contact your volunteer board at


Thank you

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