Being A Good Neighbor in San Mateo Park


Beautiful Trees and Islands

  • Keep street trees healthy, well-pruned, and clear of litter and weeds.
  • Use ground covers or permeable material on sidewalks and walkways.
  • Make your beautiful landscaping sustainable and appropriate for arid climate (Zone XII).

Pleasant Walkability

  • Keep sidewalks passable and clear of tree roots, branches, ivy and other obstructions.
  • Park off street when possible.
  • Don't litter (dog or other).

Charming History and Architecture

Consideration of Others - Peace, Quiet and Privacy

  • Control dogs from barking and late night noise.
  • Minimize noise before 8 am and later than 6 pm.
  • Minimize use of leaf blowers.

Community Engagement

  • Know your neighbors!
  • Join and participate in San Mateo Park's website for timely information and communication.
    Use Code: FCPYDB.
  • Watch out for each other's safety and property.

Safe Driving

  • Drive slowly around islands, and keep speed down along streets.
  • Understand island traffic flow. Drive as if each intersection in a circle is a yellow caution light.
    Yield to cars already in or entering the circle when you arrive.  
  • Pay attention to street sign arrows showing proper traffic patterns.
  • Don’t assume that other drivers know the rules.

Park School

  • Respect school property.
  • Respect the No Dogs rule for Park School grounds.