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From the flowering magnolias to almost every kind of tree, San Mateo Park is a botanical garden and a horticultural dream. In 1896, native oak and redwood trees, elms, maples and poplars, palms, cedars and olive trees were planted under the supervision of famed landscape architect John McLaren, designer of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The architectural styles in San Mateo Park include works by such renowned architects as Julia Morgan, Bernard Maybeck, and John Howard, and represent every vernacular from the Queen Anne Victorian, to the Arts and Crafts, and the period revivals of the 20's and 30's.

"It is this neighborhood feeling, along with the exuberance of its architecture and landscaping,
that gives San Mateo Park its unique character and desirability."

The San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association (SMPNA) keeps residents informed on a range of issues from horticulture to traffic to neighborhood safety for the purpose of creating a stronger, safer and more tightly-knit neighborhood, for people of all ages to enjoy.  

  • Learn more about San Mateo Park's rich history of civic design and horticulture

  • Meet fellow neighbors and get engaged on critical issues

  • Lend your voice to the future of San Mateo Park



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