Annual Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2015, 7:00 p.m. at Park School

1. SMPNA President, Virginia McIsaac welcomed the audience (estimated attendance 80)
2. Sandra Phillips, Park School Principal introduced herself and welcomed the group
3. Katherine Jones presented the treasurer’s report

  • Reported board decision for suggested dues increase to $50
  • Cash reserves and expenditures

4. Linda Bogue presented update on Trees & Islands

  • Drought has caused significant problems & SMPNA watering in response
  • Weed control undermined this year by June rains, islands now clean
  • Street trees receiving extra protection during repaving work
  • Clark & El Camino island has received a welcome facelift
  • Plan for aging street trees (2100+) and island trees (500+)
  • Project underway to plant street trees in open sites; replacements ongoing
  • City grounds supervisor on leave, island maintenance projects may be delayed

5. Julie Montanari, Master Gardener presentation on water conservation and lawn alternatives.

  • Possible rebate for lawn removal at
  • Grade property to keep water on site
  • Native/drought tolerant plants: www.WUCOLSIV.COM
  • Change sprinkler heads to MP Rotators for more efficient water use
  • Water storage tanks
  • No leaf blowers on soil or lawns; only for hard surfaces
  • Water permeable concrete options and refurbished with chips and new irrigation
  • New City arborist to deal with tree maintenance backlog
  • Lawn alternative plants

6. Larry Patterson, San Mateo City Manager reviewed the City’s street repair budget

  • Measure S funds (if passed) will be used for reserve operating expenses such as failed streets and gang task force
  • Currently failed streets are not scheduled for work, funds only cover street maintenance

7. Ryan Monaghan with the San Mateo Police Department reported on crime statistics and prevention

  • Vehicle theft on the rise; Lock your car. Peak activity between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Report suspicious activity; Call 911 or police non-emergency number 650-522-7700
  • Nextdoor post does not substitute for police report

8. Dave Pearson; SMPNA Business

  • Nextdoor statistics.  Invite neighbors to join Nextdoor
  • New welcome packet for new residents
  • New website:
  • Board members re-elected to new term:  Katherine Jones, Margaret Handlery, Zehra Vahanvaty