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Key takeaways from this meeting:

  • Everyone in San Mateo Park should see/hear the San Mateo County Fire Marshall’s 25-minute talk about where our risk is in The Park and how we stack up against other communities in harm’s way. His talk starts at the 2:35 mark on the video.

  • Sen. Jerry Hill, Park resident and former SMPNA President, spoke about challenges coming down from Sacramento, including new taxes, new zoning, housing etc. Great summary of key Sacramento issues. His talk starts at the 30:10 mark on the video.

  • Mayor Diane Papan spoke about challenges facing our City, including housing density requirements by the State, new housing being built, a local housing lawsuit faced by the City, leaf blowers, density, transportation, traffic and more. Her talk starts at the 43:50 mark on the video.

  • There are four other compelling speakers whose content was equally prescient but you’ll need to see the video yourself to get their take on neighborhood happenings.

Meeting Video - Nov 2019
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