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2021 financials are in!

Hello Everyone,

It is a pleasure to introduce myself as the new Treasurer of the San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Pearson for his many years as Treasurer and for helping build a solid financial program for SMPNA. Wonderful work Dave!

2021 year in review

It was a great year for SMPNA. Thank you for your generosity! Donations were plentiful and projects were successful. Please see the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements for the close of 2021. With your donated funds, the association will continue to nurture our beautiful islands and trees, engage our community in new ways that benefit us all, and look to new initiatives as a vibrant neighborhood in beloved San Mateo.

2021 Profit and Loss
Download PDF • 57KB
Balance Sheet (thru 31Dec 2021)
Download PDF • 53KB

What's new since January?

- Effective 2022, the fiscal year is changed to Jan 1 - Dec 31. This reflects the intuitive nature of our work and aligns with our normal donors' tax year.

- We are mailing out donation receipts as the donations are received. Please let me know if you do not receive your donation receipt in a timely fashion or if we have made any errors.

What's coming?

- Improved PayPal functionality when donating through the website and reduced PayPal service fees! Yay! That means we can put more of your donation to work for YOU!

If you have any questions on the financial reports or if I can answer any questions about how donations are received, booked, and/or spent, please reach out any time. Thank you,

Alicia Woodfall-Jones

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