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Brainstorming from General Meeting

Dear Park Neighbors,

Thank you to the 60+ people who attended our General Meeting on February 2nd. Your input during the brainstorming session is important to the Board as we determine our efforts and focus moving forward.

In summary, the brainstorm results were centered on the following:

- Desire for social activities within The Park

- Political landscape: campaigns, communications, raising awareness of issues, etc.

- Public works: street safety, storm drains, sidewalks, noise, etc.

- Finding ways to support Park School

- Improving/increasing SMPNA donations

- Ways to preserve The Park’s architecture, charm, history

Want to drill down deeper? Please see attached the compiled list of brainstormed items as they were noted in the meeting.

What will SMPNA Board do with this brainstormed info?

1. Compile and summarize the outcome of this brainstorming session. Feb 2023 -- DONE

2. Identify themes; use themes for neighborhood survey. The board will review more closely the brainstormed items for what is what is within our scope, what is feasible for the board, and where we will seek guidance from the neighborhood before embarking. Q2 2023 (Apr/May/Jun)

3. Based on neighborhood survey, identify focus areas and key initiatives; develop action plan. Q3 2023 (Jul/Aug/Sep)

• Goals and timelines

• Recruit volunteers for critical skill sets

• Identify budgetary impacts and fundraising needs

Thank you again to those who participated! If you did not attend the meeting but have issues you’d like the board to consider as we advance this effort, please send them to me at

Alicia Woodfall-Jones

San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association

Celebrating and Preserving the Park!

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