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More ado about ADU...

Here is a wise editorial regarding San Mateo's upcoming ADU meeting from the leader of Baywood Neighborhood Assn, Mike Nash. Take heed...


Everyone should be aware and plan to attend the Feb 22nd City Council meeting on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). It appears Council has decided to exceed the state's ADUs thresholds for square footage maximums, height maximums and daylight plane, therefore this is an item that should be of interest to all neighborhood association members.

It's noteworthy that State standards for ADUs may not be questioned by a resident who has a neighbor building an ADU or Junior ADU currently. As San Mateo considers going far above and beyond the state requirements for these buildings (including two-story ADUs), it's important to be aware that such increases in size/height also may not be questioned by residents once the new ordinance receives final review and approval February 22nd.

-This will be an important meeting as it will focus on heights of ADUs and Daylight Plane. See the attached PDF - It provides very good illustrations worth viewing.

-If height models B and C are approved by council then ADUs (attached or detached) can be two stories. If height model A is approved ADUs (attached or detached) will be ground level. Council appears to support Models B and C. The Planning Commission did, too. (Note: Both members on Council and the Planning Commission have expressed interest in building their own ADUs.)

-Council will also discuss the Daylight Plane. The Plane is important because it impacts the adjacent properties by governing the ADUs bulk and mass and thus sunlight pathways to adjacent neighboring properties.

*Again since the ADU process is a permitting process, adjacent neighbors are not notified of the ADU to be built next to them nor are they provided an opportunity to comment on the ADU square footage,bulk, height, daylight plane.

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