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Park Tree Fund Formation

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

With the aim of expanding efforts to preserve our glorious island trees, the Park’s Neighborhood Association has received a $5,000 gift to start a dedicated Tree Fund. On top of this initial gift, we also have a $10,000, dollar-for-dollar matching gift on offer from two SMP neighbors if Park residents help build this Tree Fund.

The money we raise will be directed to larger projects not covered by annual upkeep programs that we fund with regular dues contributions. So here’s the time-limited opportunity for the Park: if you write a tax-deductible check to the SMPNA Tree Fund before this challenge ends on December 31, your donation will be matched, up to $10,000. You will enable worthy, beautifying projects the Park could not undertake otherwise.

This new Tree Fund is distinct from the modest annual dues contributions we request of all Park residents. To support it, we have established a new donor category, “Park Conservator,” recognizing gifts at the $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 dollar levels. And if any of our generous members are inspired to initiate even higher gift levels for this fund, we’ll expand the category!

We live in a beautiful place: the Park is exceptional for its trees, its islands, spacious lots, architecture, and the people who live here and care about keeping this neighborhood so special. Much of the Park’s unique character comes from our trees: they are tremendous assets, but they come at a price. Here’s an opportunity to step up to a needed level of investment in our precious, island tree landscape. Let’s meet the challenge! Please help the Park ring in the New Year and meet this $10,000, dollar-for-dollar challenge grant by considering a tax-deductible gift of $1,000 or more to SMPNA Tree Fund.

Checks may be mailed to SMPNA, P.O. Box 1271, San Mateo, CA 94401. This match is on offer through December 31. Let’s take full advantage of it!

The San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors

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