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San Mateo Park assigned new Police Lieutenant

AREA 1: Lieutenant Glen Teixeira oversees Area 1.

San Mateo Police Department ’s patrol lieutenants are assigned specific policing areas within the city and act as points of contact for neighborhood issues. The main responsibilities of the department’s area lieutenants are to work together with business districts, neighborhood associations, and additional stakeholders to solve problems that require focused attention from the department. The department divides the city into three areas. Area 1 is the area west of US 101 from Peninsula Avenue to Highway 92 but does not include the downtown area of San Mateo. Area 2 is the area west of US 101 from Highway 92 to the Belmont border. Area 3 is the area east of US 101 and the downtown area of San Mateo.

Lt. Teixeira was hired by the department in 2000. As an officer, he worked a variety of assignments including, patrol, field training officer, and detective. Additionally, he spent two years as a special agent with the San Mateo County Task Force. He was promoted to sergeant in 2011 and worked as the coordinator for both the field training and K9 programs. He also worked as a detective and support services sergeant. While the support services sergeant, he oversaw the first two Community Policing Academies.

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