Current and Completed Projects, Ongoing Maintenance

SMPNA's largest expenditures go toward caring for our most distinctive public assets – our street and island trees. 

Three islands are currently being replanted and renewed:

  • Hurlingham, mid-block between W. Bellevue and W. Poplar: Pines in our area are succumbing to beetle infestations. An alternative, resistant pine species, Canary Island, is being planted. These are gorgeous trees that will maintain the presence of pines in the Park and perpetuate our distinctive, tall tree profile.
  • Occidental at Westmoreland: Failed hawthorns are being removed, and coast live and valley oaks planted. Complementing the oak already there, these oaks will eventually fill this large island far more effectively.
  • Clark at El Camino Real: City grounds crews conducted a cleanup last fall of this entrance island. They also installed an efficient, targeted irrigation system that ensures the young elms on the island's perimeter get the water they need to establish and thrive.

* These renewals are part of a wider review the Board is undertaking to determine which islands need redirection and improvement.