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As recommended by SMPD:

·       Enter the SMPD phone number on your cell phone (650.522.7700) and use even for emergencies.  Otherwise, cell calls might be routed to Burlingame, Hillsborough, etc.

·       Call this non-emergency number when visited by solicitors.

·       Register your external cameras with the police.  In case of an incident, they will know which nearby neighbors have cameras, and will ask permission to view your saved images.

·       Dogs are a good deterrent to intruders!

·       Even if you don’t want to answer the door, let a “visitor” know someone’s home.

·       Register every incident online, even if you didn’t call police at the time.  An incident database is used to determine number of police patrol resources assigned to our area.

·       There are 14-15 officers covering our district (downtown north, west of freeway), with 2-3 officers on patrol at any given time during day shifts, 3-4 at night.

·       Lock car doors, whether they are parked on the street or in your driveway.

Keep your eyes open for anything unusual - if you see something, say something.



Construction noise is restricted to the following hours:

– not before 7 am nor after 7 pm on weekdays
– not before 9 am nor after 5 pm on Saturdays
– not before noon nor after 4 pm on Sundays

For more detailed information on construction codes, visit here.

Leaf blowers are restricted to the following hours:

– not before 8 am nor after 5 pm on weekdays
– not before 9 am nor after 5 pm on Saturdays
– never on Sundays, nor on 9 specified national holidays

Read San Mateo's PSA on leaf blowing.


At our annual Park Association meeting in October 2015, a concerned homeowner brought up the issue of speeding on Poplar Avenue.  We requested a radar trailer posted for a week to monitor the traffic patterns and speed.

 The city responded quickly and a radar trailer was posted the week of October 26-30.  The radar unit records the first time it sees a vehicle. Cars may be speeding up by the time you’ve seen them but the software records the first shot it sees.  Approximately 25% are exceeding the speed limit — however not as much as we may have perceived.

 The San Mateo Public Works technician's observation is the speeds were within reason. It is mostly the local residents with maybe some cars from Hillsborough. 

 The volume is higher at 183 Poplar vs 321 Poplar which means perhaps more Park School traffic.  Click here for the full report.