Tree Fund

Your Neighborhood Association now has a fund dedicated to conservation of our island trees. With an anonymous grant of $5K given specifically “for the trees,” we were off!

Building on that, two neighborhood families put out a challenge grant for the Fund, offering to match gifts of $1K or more, up to $10K. The aim was to encourage larger gifts than we ask for in annual dues and so enable us to undertake more ambitious tree-related projects.

Park neighbors stepped up and the challenge was met. We now (April 2020) have a balance of $28,250 and growing in The Park’s Tree Fund. For fuller results of this and our regular dues fundraising – also generously supported by many of our residents – please see Financial Info on our Contribute page as well as our Donor Recognition page found here.

Why are we raising money specifically for a Tree Fund? 

Trees and islands define The Park! The City only prunes its trees when there is an imminent hazard or it removes dead trees. If we want our islands to look better than that standard affords, we need to fund the required work. It’s that simple. 

We’ve shown we can do that. Neighbors’ regular, annual dues contributions will remain the backbone for our efforts, funding extra grounds maintenance for our islands, watering our young public trees, and enabling various improvement projects.

But it had been 15-20 years since the deadwood that accumulates in our island trees was pruned out. (The SMPNA funded that work too, during five years in the early 2000s.) We need to do it again. But it’s expensive, so we work at the pace we can fund. We also would be well served by some structural pruning on young island trees and we might want to plant more trees than the City allots us. The Tree Fund gives us means to accelerate or undertake efforts such as these.

We will announce projects funded out of our new Tree Fund as they are planned and carried out. Meanwhile, we welcome new, major donors as well as friends of the Tree Fund to join in! Don’t forget that your annual dues come first, as they support ongoing programs. But for those who are passionate and able, we now have this Tree Fund as a tax-deductible way to make significant, near-term improvements in our trees and islands.

These donors contributed to the Tree Fund

Founding gift:          

Anonymous                                               $5,000


Matching Fund Challenge Grants:                 

Stephanie & D’Arcy Roche                       $5,000

Don & Linda Bogue                                  $5,000


Park Conservators:

The Macy Family                                       $2,500

Vince & Jean Anicetti                                $1,000

Laura Bryant                                              $1,000

Meg & Marc Galletti                                   $1,000

Cindy & Ray Reinertson                            $1,000

Daniel & Zoe Scheinman                          $1,000

Greg & Liz Vaughan                                  $1,000

Lauren Weaver & Bradley Klingenberg   $1,000

Steve & Patty Mayer                                  $1,000


Friends of the Tree Fund (various amounts)

Andrea and Stephen Dover

John & Amy Mendez

Linda & Steven Monosson

Tom & Liz O’Connor

John & Melinda Adams

Gary & Nancy Steele

Eleanor & Stephen Yuen

Isaacs-Mailliard Family

Gordon and Cynthia Lewis

John Schulz & Barbara Eisenhauer

Alden & Marianne Briscoe

Claus & Karin Rehder


Total Raised through April 2020:                        $28,250


On behalf of the SMPNA Board and our entire neighborhood, 

Thank you!


© 2020 by San Mateo Park Neighborhood Assn.