Safety - from SMPD


This important message from Lieutenant Ryan Monaghan with the SMPD was recently posted on  It addresses concerns about the recent spate of car robberies in our neighborhood:

I wanted to take a moment to address concerns regarding the recent crime trend in your neighborhood, let you know what San Mateo Police Department is doing and how we can work together to prevent crime in your neighborhood.

Your safety and quality of life our very important to us at the police department. We work hard to make sure we address the needs of all the neighborhoods in our City.Despite being among the busiest police departments in San Mateo County in terms of calls for service, we pride ourselves in our ability to address crime trends and quality of life concerns because of the strong neighborhood safety partnerships we have throughout the City in the form of such programs such as Neighborhood Watch.

San Mateo Police Department is investigating the recent crimes that occurred in you neighborhood using every available and applicable investigative tool. We are also coordinating with other law enforcement agencies as part of the investigative process.

We have increased marked patrols in your neighborhood, especially during the late night and early morning hours as these are the time frames in which many of the crimes reportedly occurred.

Please be an extra set of eyes for your police department as we cannot be in all places at all times as much as we may want. If you see someone or something that is suspicious for your neighborhood, report to us. You all know your neighborhood better than anyone else and therefore are experts on what and who belong there.

Please file a report with SMPD if you are the victim of a crime. Even if you think it’s inconsequential or nothing was taken, your police department wants and needs to know. There is specific data that is collected during the reporting of such incidents that help us solve and prevent crime. We have been very successful in stopping crime trends by using the intelligence data we collect from crime reports filed by our citizens.

San Mateo Police
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergency: 650-523-7753 is NOT a substitute for filing police report. If the crime has no suspect information (Example: items taken from an unlocked car in which no one saw the suspect nor were they captured by video surveillance), it can be conveniently reported online by going to the below link:… is a great tool for neighbors to communicate safety and crime trend information to each other, but it doesn’t share any of the message with the police department. We DON’T see any of the information unless it is specifically forwarded to us.

Please remember to remove ALL valuables, especially portable electronic devices, from your vehicles and always lock all the doors. Try to park your vehicles in well lit areas of your property or the street. Well lit areas are one easy way to deter a lot of crime. It also makes it easier for police officers patrolling your neighborhood in the nighttime to see ares where criminals might be hiding.

Make sure to keep the windows and doors to you home closed and locked when you are not home. Especially any doors and windows not easily visible from the street. When out of town, do not make it obvious no one is home by leaving lights on during the day, allowing mail and papers to pile up and be careful about posting information on social media about being away from home.

Your safety is our top priority and we are doing everything we can to ensure it.