Traffic Calming

On Thursday, March 19th, 2015, past president, Dave Pearson and current president Virginia McIsaac attended the SMHUA meeting at Beresford community center.  The primary agenda topic that was discussed with San Mateo City neighborhood representatives was increased traffic due to job growth.  Some neighborhoods are being inundated with traffic trying to shortcut the back up of traffic on Highways 92 and 101.  With significant job growth and Bay Meadows housing development, we anticipate that the traffic will increase dramatically and there was much discussion on how to mitigate this problem.  A few neighboring cities (Menlo Park and Palo Alto) have enacted a solution called Traffic Calming.  For some of our neighborhoods this can potentially be incorporated to alleviate their particular problems.  We feel in San Mateo Park that we have only a few trouble areas, speeding down Poplar Avenue being one example.  We will however, support the other neighborhoods who are dealing with Google and Visa buses cutting through their streets to avoid traffic.  As always, your Board is open to hearing any of your concerns in this matter.  To learn more about traffic calming, visit