Updates from the City

Public Works Street Repair
Warren Road Paving
Warren Road will soon get re-paved, including curb and gutter repair.  Existing paving will be taken down to the roadbed and rebuilt.  Protective measures for the street trees will be in place.  Public Works’ current best estimate is that concrete repairs to curbs and gutters will occur from mid-June to early July, and repaving from mid-July to August.  “No Parking” signs will be posted two days prior to any construction, and the expected duration of the work in those areas will be noted on these signs.    

The City is conducting public forums to identify traffic issues of concern to citizens . Public Works staff are working on prioritizing, scheduling, and communicating implementation.

Poplar/101 Interchange
SMPNA elected in 2011 to support the option to construct a median on E. Poplar Avenue from Amphlett Blvd through the Idaho Street intersection. The project includes a left turn pocket lane for cars exiting 101-S to turn left onto southbound Amphlett.  Vehicles on Amphlett will not be able to travel north/south.  This project should make the intersection much safer.  Construction is scheduled to begin in June and be completed in October.  A separate project to evaluate the Peninsula Interchange, including Poplar Ave., will begin the environmental phase this summer.

San Mateo Railroad Bridges Replacement
Caltrain, in cooperation with the City, has replaced three seismically unsound rail bridges (at Tilton, Monte Diablo and Santa Inez), with the Poplar rail bridge finishing up at press time. Streets within these construction zones will be repaved. The project is expected to be complete by October 2016.

San Mateo Drive Sustainable Design
The City's San Mateo Drive Sustainable Street Project extends along No. San Mateo Drive, from Baldwin Ave. to Peninsula Ave., and addresses pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements and green infrastructure. Expect 1.0 mile of ‘road diet’ – reduction to one travel lane in each direction by converting the existing two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes to one in each direction with a center turn lane - installed/improved bicycle lanes, curb extensions, pedestrian countdown signal heads and new pedestrian-scaled lighting at major intersections. Green Streets features will also be installed to improve storm water quality. Construction is expected to begin Spring 2017.