Water Management

Learn about California's Save Our Water Program.

What you can do to conserve water:

  • Use native and drought tolerant plants
    • Refer here for suggestions: www.WUCOLSIV.COM
  • Replace your lawn with drought-tolerant landscape
  • Change sprinkler heads to high-efficiency rotating heads
  • Use water storage tanks
  • Grade your property to keep water on site
  • Use leaf blowers only on hardscape, not on soil or lawns
  • Use water permeable concrete options

When is a tree telling us it needs water?

* If the leaves on your street tree are limp or starting to turn brown, the tree needs immediate water.

*A new tree is like a potted plant: if the top inch or two of the soil around the tree is dry and hard, it’s time to water.

*A good watering program is an investment that more than pays off in trees that grow more quickly, develop good form, and increase property values.

Watering Methods:  

* Leave a hose running — slowly enough that water does not run away from tree — for about 45 minutes.

* Attach a hose to a probe (these are inexpensive and readily available at Home Depot and elsewhere) and water in a few places around the drip line of the tree.

* Build a berm of dirt around the tree and fill the well with water 3x until each fill of water drains.