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Why does deadwood in our island trees need our attention?  

Dead branches and limbs appear in all trees over time for many reasons: age, or stress from drought, lack of nutrients, insufficient light, pests, disease.  Sometimes they are a problem for a tree’s health; always they are unattractive and make a handsome island grove look unkempt.  The City removes hazardous limbs; it does not fund ‘aesthetic’ pruning.  


Your contributions enable us to periodically clear our island trees of accumulated, ugly deadwood.  Thank you!

Plum trees deadwood before and after.JPG

Click below to see San Mateo Park deadwood lurking inside some of our pretty island trees. These images were taken  just before the deadwood was removed during late 2022.

Deadwood Stock File - 2231213535_7e06e8d68e_b-768x512.jpg
Deadwood Map January 2023.JPG
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